Ocean Blue is a new restaurant offering a delicious variety of surf n’ turf. When they contacted us, they were brand new so they needed everything!

The first thing we created was simple, easy-to-update food and drink menus.

We designed a series of table tents for daily specials and events.

We also created table tents for promotional offers.

Using the same creative we designed sidewalk signs that could be easily set up each day for each event or promotion.

When I first went to the restaurant, it was still under construction and they were in the process of installing massive, floor-to-ceiling fish tanks. We knew we wanted to work this into the creative somehow. What better way than the kids’ menu.

The fish on the coloring page lived in the tanks. We also included a short quiz on the back. The kids could get prizes from the wait staff if they answered the questions correctly. What better way to create an opportunity for interaction.

Speaking of interaction… we also designed social media posts to keep followers up to date and engage new audiences.